Yesterday we decided to get up extra early this morning, to go for a hike and not be home too late. As the view from the top of Rigi towards the lake of Zug is amazing, I figured perhaps the view from the lake towards Rigi might also be worthwhile.

So we drove towards the start of the hike, which was at a parking lot next to a restaurant. Unfortunately, the road towards it was closed for traffic. How do people get to the restaurant? Ah well, we parked there and decided to just walk along any hiking path we could find.

(Now I think of it, this happens quite often. We don't get to do the hike we planned, and we just take out the map and hike. Usually this involves steep climbs though).

A pleasant surprise: no steep climbs, but a dirt road through the forest, with every now and then a peek view of the lake. Nice forest air, birds singing, many cyclists and a monster wasp. We never got to see Rigi - we keep that for next time!