Lately we have gotten into the habit of leaving the house real early to hike. Fresh air, beautiful light, few people and parking spots galore.

So last Saturday we went to Lago da Pigniu real early. In this area, half of the streets have Italian names, and the other half German, so this lake is also known as the Panixer Stausee. Stausee is German for reservoir, which seems to be an apt description.

The path on the east side is broad and suitable for carts, the path on the west side is a little narrower and a bit more challenging here and there.

The lake was quite dry, as it was a winter with little snow and a spring with little rain.

The dam is on the south side. There we saw a big marmot, chilling on the doorstep.

Conclusion: A beautiful, albeit not very challenging hike. The map of the lake, and the route we took, looks like this: